Digital Asset Insights #22

MicroStrategy buys 13,005 more Bitcoin, now holds 105,000 BTC CEO Michael Saylor of the business analytics firm MicroStrategy said in a tweet in the beginning of last week that his company has acquired 13,005 more Bitcoin (BTC). The firm now holds over 105,000 Bitcoin in total. Saylor tweeted, “MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 13,005 bitcoins for ~$489…
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Digital Asset Insights #17

China securities journal sounds alarm on cryptocurrency financial risks

China securities journal sounds alarm on cryptocurrency financial risks On Sunday, May 16th, as per an opinion piece in the China Securities Journal (CS), a broader consensus on strengthening supervision of Bitcoin and crypto transactions is currently being undertaken. This comes through several commissions – The China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, and The China Banking Regulatory…

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Digital Asset Insights #16

Digivault Gains FCA Approval

This week in the digital currency community, a lot of developments are coming to light. There are new developments in anti-money laundering regulations in the U.K. as Digivault, a custodial arm of Diginex won regulatory approval from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the U.K. to register as a custodian wallet provider. This makes Diginex…

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Digital Asset Insights #15

Marathon OFAC Pool Attracts Criticism

Marathon OFAC Pool Attracts Criticism The new week ushered in a variety of events. One major event is mining a fully regulation-compliant mining pool by Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA). The new mining pool was successfully mining a bitcoin block that is “fully compliant with U.S. regulations.” And this impacts individuals with dealings in dark web…

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Join Peter Kristensen at the inaugural Open Business Summit

Join Peter at the first Open Business Council global summit with over 20 + Government and Institutional leaders as well as 120 + Industry Experts on 21st of April at 9:30 GMT +1 where Peter will be speaking on De-Fi and digital asset investing alongside an esteemed group of panellists. Tackling smart businesses, governments and…

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