Risk Management Procedures

Each investment program contains risk, but the 6 procedures we have developed aim to reduce your exposure without negatively impacting portfolio performance.

We aim to reduce programmatic risk through these 6 dedicated procedures:


1: Setup Controls

When setting up new programs, we restrict access to the products and trading criteria each manager has access to.

These restrictions prevent program managers accessing products and services outside their remit, and also lets you know the risk level of each program before you invest in it.


2: Leverage Controls

We make sure that if leverage is applied to a program, only the pre-agreed leverage will be available to each program’s manager.


3: Performance Controls

We have developed bespoke software to monitor program performance, and all calculations are subject to a second level of control from our in-house risk management team.


4: Position Control

The risk management team regularly reviews positions taken by each program manager to ensure that individual trades and trade sizes are in line with the program’s strategy as presented on trademakers.com.


5: Reporting Control

The risk management team receives daily reports on all direct trading positions taken by the respective manager to ensure that the strategy is being traded in accordance with the strategy presented on trademakers.com.


6: Onboarding Control

We have strict controls in place governing how we evaluate and onboard all investment programs. Each program manager is required to successfully complete JP Fund Services’ internal Due Diligence procedures first, and only when a program has been approved by the risk management team will we invest own money to test the setup, the execution strategy and reporting before we accept any investor funds.

The length of the testing period can vary from strategy to strategy, while we analyse and evaluate each trading strategy. When a strategy has been approved by the Risk Team at JPFS, SGT invests in each strategy using our own capital before we make these investment opportunities available to investors.

We always invest alongside our clients in all programs we offer to the public. We risk our money first, so you never have to.

Sit back and let the experts trade for you.