Regulated & Automated

trademakers is an automated investment platform that enables you to invest in regulated trading strategies, just like the pros

Your investments automatically follow the performance of professional investment strategies managed by leading asset managers


Regulated & Automated


trademakers is an automated investment platform that enables you to invest in regulated trading strategies, just like the pros

Your investments automatically follow the performance of professional investment strategies managed by leading asset managers

You're in Safe Hands


You’re in Charge

Your money is always under your control. You can invest in strategies on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the entry terms for each strategy. To exit an investment, you can do this once a month, and within a few days, your funds will be returned to your bank account.


Professional Managers

Every investment strategy on trademakers is designed and executed by experienced asset managers who are regulated by the authorities in one or more international jurisdictions.

Actively Managed Risk

Risk is essential for portfolio growth, but it can also generate losses if not managed properly. That's why the risk in every strategy on trademakers is subject to 5 dedicated levels of protection.


Secure & Insured

Your money sits in your own investment account and is covered by the highest levels of professional indemnity insurance from Lloyd’s of London. This gives you an extra layer of security and protection for your funds up to 1 million USD per claim.


First Money In

Before we add a new investment strategy to trademakers, we make sure each strategy meets our selection and performance criteria, and the risk is managed effectively, to give you the best protection we can.

5 Levels of Protection

1. Professional Asset Managers

trademakers gives you access to leading investment strategies from experienced, professional asset managers with proven track records. But to ensure these managers and their strategies receive independent oversight, each one is evaluated and constantly monitored for style drift by the Swiss investment advisor, JP Fund Services.

2. Portfolio Power

trademakers makes managing your investments easy. We automatically calculate the results from each program you’ve invested in so you can easily monitor how your money is working for you.

You receive regular performance reports for each of your investments and you can monitor them via the MT5 app. The in-house controls we have developed for the calculations and reporting of each investment in your portfolio do all the hard work, while you build a portfolio of investments that can help make your money work harder for you.

3. Trusted Counterparties

When you invest you want to know that your money is secure when your investments go up and down in value. That’s why we are committed to only working with well-known, larger counterparties, liquidity providers and custodians with a proven track record of keeping every penny you invest safe and secure.

Our broker and banking partners are all regulated in their respective jurisdictions. These banks and trading experts have to follow the strict rules set by financial authorities to create and maintain safe and secure trading execution protocols, and to deliver secure custody of your funds on deposit with us.

4. Experienced & Regulated

Sterling Gent Trading Ltd (SGT) is authorised and regulated by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission, holding an investment business licence: Dealing in Investments as principal under the Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010 (license number SIBA/L/11/0987). The money you deposit in your account with us is always segregated from the companies’ assets to mitigate operational risk and prevent any potential misuse of funds.

JP Fund Services is the independent investment advisor on all strategies on and has been a leading investment specialist in Switzerland since 2007. JPFS holds an SRO license (as a Self-regulated Organization) under FINMA, and a member of GSCGI in Switzerland.

5. Investment Oversight

Every investor knows that the key to successful investing is the effective management and mitigation of risk. While risk is an essential component of almost every investment (it’s what gives investments the fuel to deliver returns after all), without rigorous oversight and management, even the best strategy can fail.

JP Fund Services is responsible for the risk management of every investment strategy listed on trademakers. JPFS’s role is to make sure that the investment managers or algorithms responsible for each program follow strict risk management practices and adhere to the risk level specified for each program.

Investment Risk Scale

All our investment programs are classified by their risk level (1-5) to help you decide which investments best suit your investment horizon and risk appetite.






Investments in alternative asset classes and private placements are generally considered high-risk investments, and typically have a risk profile of between 3 and 5.

Risk Management Procedures

Every investment contains risk, but it is risk that creates the potential for gains and losses. Successful investing relies heavily on rigorous risk management.

That’s why every strategy on trademakers is subject to 6 risk management procedures to reduce exposure without negatively affecting your investment's performance.

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