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From foreign exchange programs, to digital assets, trademakers brings you a 'supermarket' of investments to choose from with a Portfolio Management Account.

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TM Digital

This investment strategy seeks total returns through exposure to a diversified and risk-adjusted portfolio of digital assets. TM Digital is based on technical analysis ...

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FX Multi Core

FX Multi Core (FXMC) is a foreign exchange program traded by emerging currency managers, with the aim of creating alpha through discretionary and systematic ... 

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Cromwell FX

Cromwell FX is a systematic foreign exchange trading program, based on 22 currency pairs, traded on a 24 hour basis. The program capitalises on expertise, quantitative ...

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Program Facts

Program Min. Investment Default Leverage Currency Track Record Risk Level Monthly Hit Rate
TM Digital $2,500 None USD 2.5 years Medium 80.02%
FX Multi Core $5,000 None USD 6 years Risk Willing 68.5%
Cromwell FX $5,000 None USD 7 years Risk Willing 67.4%

Why choose trademakers?

Professional risk management

All investment strategies are overseen by the Risk Management team at JP Fund Services SA, which has been conducting Risk Management investment services since 2007.

Institutional-grade market prices

Better prices and tighter spreads than you can get as a private investor with most exchanges, and a low entry level of just $2,500.

Regulated security of your funds

Your money is held by a regulated broker. You simply give us permission to execute trades on your account, but not to transfer or withdraw any of your money.

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