Signal Providers

One Signal - Multiple Revenues

With trademakers, signal providers can now provide just one signal to be executed on one account, combining all underlying clients’ accounts.

No more worries

With trademakers, you can stop worrying about or spending time on the following:

Latency of Connections

Opening individual client accounts

Connecting signals to client accounts

Explaining any differences in performance results

Checking broker connections

Trademakers ensures that all clients are treated equally, receiving the same conditions and the same performance automatically reported to all underlying investors.


Simplified & Automated


Built-In Marketing Solutions

Trademakers markets your investment program(s) to our existing client base, helps them understand their options and onboards them all for you, leaving you free to focus on alpha.


International network of introducers & referring partners

Working with trademakers gives you the support of an international network of introducers and referring partners in growing your AUM.


Higher Hit Rates

The manager of a crypto strategy had issues with partial fills and latency of signals to 15 different signal receivers. With his new setup via SGT and trademakers, the signal provider now has a better combined hit rate, less administration, and far fewer worries about connectivity issues for his clients.


More Time to Trade

A multi-strategy signal provider with approximately 100 live trading signal receivers, who now works with us has reduced the amount of time spent on maintaining and servicing VPNs and dealing with connectivity issues and reporting to their clients. The manager now has much more time to concentrate on Alpha and his strategy.


How Can We Help?

Working together to bring new markets and increased allocations to professional funds and investors.

Get in touch with us to discover how we can help you grow your business while reducing your workload through automation.

‘Partnership is about respect for other people’s hard-earned money. By connecting professional investment providers to the global retail investor marketplace, trademakers helps funds boost their AUM while reducing overheads and increasing their exposure through our international network of sales and marketing partners.’

Peter Kristensen, Co-CEO at JPFS.

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