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Grow Together

As a Program Manager, your focus is on generating alpha/performance for your investors, as the more time spent analyzing and risk managing your strategy, the better the result is for your investors.

But onboarding, administrating, and providing performance reports for each investor takes valuable time away from fine-tuning your investment strategy. So how can you grow AUM without increasing your workload?


Simplified & Automated


Trademakers undertakes all client onboarding and reporting for you, via our custodian.

Many successful managers often experience issues with more clients wanting to participate in the investment, due to its success, than they can deal with.


Trademakers simplifies this process by combining all underlying AUM on one account without any worries of allocation and demand on trade sizes.

Minimum participation amounts vary depending on the contract size of the product(s) being traded in the strategy.


Trademakers will take care of and automate onboarding, due diligence, and reporting

Talking to prospective investors takes your time away from analyzing the market, conducting risk management and the trading itself.


Say goodbye to Monthly Performance Reports

Trademakers automates client reporting online if execution takes place via our custodian on an hourly, daily, monthly, and annual basis for you.


Promoting investment strategies takes time, money, and expertise.

Trademakers automatically sends your performance reports, and market insights, out to multiple client databases via regular newsletters for each investment program, helping establish your credentials and bringing your strategies to a wider, international audience.


Built-In Marketing Solutions

Trademakers markets your investment program(s) to our existing client base, helps them understand their options and onboards them all for you, leaving you free to focus on alpha.


International network of introducers and referring partners

Working with trademakers gives you the support of an international network of introducers and referring partners in growing your AUM.

How Can We Help?

Working together to bring new markets and increased allocations to professional funds and investors.

Get in touch with us to discover how we can help you grow your business while reducing your workload through automation.

‘Partnership is about respect for other people’s hard-earned money. By connecting professional investment providers to the global retail investor marketplace, trademakers helps funds boost their AUM while reducing overheads and increasing their exposure through our international network of sales and marketing partners.’

Peter Kristensen, Co-CEO at JPFS.

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