IBs and RAs

Accelerate Growth

You can now bring new products and investments to your audiences quickly and efficiently, generate new revenues and grow your business with trademakers.

The Challenge

Can you increase your earnings without dealing with all the admin, regulatory and compliance headaches?

Growing your business through introducing new clients can be a real challenge for many Introducing Brokers, Referring Agents and Independent Financial Advisors. Monitoring introductions, generating client reports, dealing with regulatory requirements all take time away from growing your business.


Bespoke and Automated


Decades of experience

The teams at SGT and trademakers (JPFS) all have decades of experience on both sides of the business, so we know the challenges you face, and we have developed solutions to allow you to focus on growing your business, instead of managing it.


Our tailored approach

Not all business partners have the same requirements or fit into the same ‘box’, which is why we take different, more tailored approach. Our trading, finance, tech, and marketing teams will work with you to arrive at the best solution for both parties and, more importantly, what’s best for your clients.

You Introduce, We Manage

As a Growth Partner with SGT and JPFS, you can generate significant revenues by introducing your clients to professional, regulated investment programs historically not available to ‘normal’ investors. What’s more, all clients you introduce, whether traders or investors, will be onboarded, managed, and reported to by SGT and trademakers.


How Can We Help?

Working together to bring new markets and increased allocations to professional funds and investors.

Get in touch with us to discover how we can help you grow your business while reducing your workload through automation.

‘Partnership is about respect for other people’s hard-earned money. By connecting professional investment providers to the global retail investor marketplace, trademakers helps funds boost their AUM while reducing overheads and increasing their exposure through our international network of sales and marketing partners.’

Peter Kristensen, Co-CEO at JPFS.

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