Accelerate AUM growth with fractionalisation

Discover how our unique fractionalisation programs can help you boost AUM, increase your exposure and reduce your overheads.


An Untouched Market

Up to now, 99% of the world's private investors have been 'off limits' to most funds.

Hedge funds have not been able to attract ‘normal’ investors because of:

  • high entry levels
  • 'professional' investors only
  • onboarding & compliance
  • automated reporting

The Future is Fractional

Now you can target the massive untapped market of 'regular' investors through fractionlisation.

trademakers' fractionalisation of professional investment strategies opens up the global private investor market without the historical burdens:

  • increase AUM without reducing your entry levels
  • no client onboarding
  • no client KYC/AML
  • automated client reporting

trademakers and SGT (our execution and custody broker) take care of all client onboarding, KYC/AML and automate client reporting via our unique wrapper structure.

Working with trademakers gives you access to a multi-billion dollar market of 'regular' investors, but only one client relationship to manage (instead of hundreds). and an international network of introducers and referring partners to help you grow your AUM.


200+ Hedge Funds

The Executive team at JPFS has launched and administrated hundreds of hedge funds. And with trademakers, funds can now attract private investors on the same terms as the professionals.

"Partnership is about respect for other people’s hard-earned money. By connecting professional investment providers to private investors, trademakers helps funds boost AUM while reducing overheads and increasing market exposure."

Peter Kristensen, Co-CEO at JPFS.

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