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After the Storm

Last week we had a busy week with Central banks. Decisions from the Fed, BoE and SNB kept the markets...

Back in the Driving Seat

The trend may not be positive, but it remains our friend. While the economic outlook continues to appear bearish, we...

Central Banks Back in Focus

Last week we saw The European Central Bank (ECB) raise rates by 25bps and US CPI numbers. As we saw...

Digital Asset Insights 19.09.23

Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Cardano Solana Dogecoin In this week's newsletter, we take a tour of the cryptocurrency market's ups and...

Financial Follies: Navigating the Rollercoaster of Optimism in the World of Finance

In the wild world of finance, having the right mindset is like wearing the perfect tie to a job interview...

US Dollar Remains in Control

Last week was quieter though the US Dollar continued its recent trend. The DXY rose 0.8% to close just above...

Digital Asset Insights 12.09.23

Bitcoin Ethereum Tether Ripple Cardano Solana Binance Coin Stay informed about the crypto market! Check out the report for this...

Mixed Data and Mixed Signals

Last week we saw a plethora of important data as we moved in September. US Inflation and GDP were inbound...

Digital Asset Insights 05.09.23

Bitcoin Ethereum Tether Ripple Cardano Solana In this report, we explore the fluctuations in the prices of leading cryptocurrencies over...

Gamble on the Unexpected

George Soros, once said something like, if you want to make money, take a chance on things nobody expects to...

Jackson Hole Weekend

Last week we thought might be quieter given we are in the summer months but as ever the market looked...

Summer has come to an end

Summer has come to an end, and now I am back walking unaided, it's time to get back to work....

Digital Asset Insights 29.08.23

Bitcoin Ethereum Tether Ripple Cardano Solana From modest dips to promising rebounds, we explain the trends that defined the leading...

US Dollar continues to rise along with China woes

Last week we saw the continuation of dollar and yields rising bringing a general risk off sentiment to equities and...

Digital Asset Insights 22.08.23

Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Cardano Solana Whether you're an experienced trader, a curious observer, or a newcomer to the world of...

A Month for Reminiscing

On August 2nd, 1974, a young 17-year-old, a very rough, working-class kid, took a bus to Fenchurch Street in the...

US Dollar and Yields Rally

Last week was the first full week of August. Usually, a more peaceful time in the markets but this year...

Digital Asset Insights 15.08.23

Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Cardano Solana An exciting week as ended in the world of cryptocurrencies. This newsletter offers a comprehensive...