New to Fractionalised Investments?

Sit back and let the experts trade for you

Invest in professional, regulated strategies at a fraction of the normal cost.

Fractionalised investments make it possible for anyone to participate in institutional-grade investment programs which have traditionally only been available to the ultra-wealthy, hedge funds and financial institutions.


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So what is fractionalisation?

Fractionalisation divides up 'traditional' investments into many smaller parts, lowering the cost barrier to entry for every investor. Each fractional investment becomes part of a larger overall investment in a strategy.

Even though you can now invest just a fraction of the amount you would traditionally have to invest, you still get access to professionally managed, regulated investments on the same terms as the world's traditional finance giants.

Why Invest in Fractionalised Programs?

  • low barrier to entry
  • portfolio diversification
  • access to deeper liquidity from secondary markets
  • invest just a fraction of what you would traditionally have to

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