Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio

Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio is a foreign exchange portfolio with allocation to currency managers, with the aim of creating alpha through individual skills-based idea-generation processes.

This methodology of sourcing and implementing a range of different trading strategies offers investors a program seeking enhanced returns, but which is diversified and uncorrelated to other traditional and alternative programs.

In order to generate superior risk-adjusted returns, the Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio allocates to strategies by ‘pair trading’ the most liquid global currencies. This involves allocation to Directional, Trend, Arbitrage, Breakout, Range Trading, Scalping, Quant, Algo and Systematic strategies. The investment goal is to take advantage of the diversification in these strategies to generate alpha for investors.

Launch Date: January 2020

With investment, your capital is at risk.


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3.3 years


Risk Level 4-5

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Program Performance

All performance data is injected into these charts directly from the live trading accounts, with no human interference.

Monthly Performance

The chart above is based on monthly gross performance since 2022.

Annual Gross Performance

The chart above is based on compounded annual gross performance since 2020.

Key Statistics

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Terms & Conditions

Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio

Account Opening

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How to Invest

trademakers sources, qualifies and provides risk management oversight on all investment programs and their managers, while our custodian and execution partner SGT provides the technology, client on-boarding and trading infrastructure.


Step 1

When you invest in a trademakers program, the first step is to open an account with SGT Markets.


Step 2

When your account with SGT has been approved, we will send you an Investment Agreement which you will need to sign and return to SGT to complete your account set up.


Step 3

Now your account has been opened, you simply need to deposit sufficient funds to cover your investment in any selected trademakers investment programme.

The Strategy

Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio

Seeking diversified alpha, via a multi-manager portfolio

Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio is a foreign exchange-based, multi-manager portfolio

A multi-professional manager currency portfolio has the ability to preserve capital and deliver returns during the good years and provide diversified portfolio protection response during the bad ones. The structure makes it possible to adapt swiftly to changing market conditions making the combined portfolio a valuable investment tool.


Manager Screening

To achieve its primary goal the Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio team screens the market for managers with proven track records to deliver alpha by strategy, trade style and risk management. From our extensive network within the foreign exchange industry, the allocation process seeks to identify managers and strategies with methodologies which exhibit an edge, or have a diversified approach compared to the over-all portfolio.

Historial Performance

Before a manager can be considered for an allocation to the portfolio, his performance is analysed based on a series of quantitative and qualitative investigations. This is done to ensure that the potential manager’s strategy displays the ability to generate alpha across varying market conditions, uncorrelated to the overall portfolio. Vetted and selected managers may exhibit similar trading styles, although their trade methodologies will have some differentiating factors.

Is Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio right for me?


Who is it for?

The Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio has been engineered for investors seeking an enhanced diversified portfolio without the hassle of monitoring many different portfolios. By employing a multi-manager investment strategy, investors benefit from returns that are uncorrelated to the broader financial markets.

Therefore, as a diversification tool, investing in a selected range of managers contributes significantly towards portfolio protection.


What do we invest in?

Created to enable private investors to participate in a diversified, professionally managed portfolio underpinned by a rigorous risk management policy, controlled and overseen by a highly professional and experienced FX team.

Historically, investment programs such as the Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio have only been available to large institutional clients and High Net Worth clients, but trademakers has broken this monopoly, and is proud to have created a solution enabling anyone to participate in these proven strategies.

What do I need to do?

Apply for an Account with SGT, our partner custodian. And as soon as you have been approved and have funded your account with sufficient funds to cover your investment choices, your account will then be ready to invest into the programs you choose to invest in.

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Why choose trademakers?

Professional risk management

All investment strategies are overseen by the Risk Management team at JP Fund Services SA, which has been conducting Risk Management investment services since 2007.

Institutional-grade investments

Invest like a pro on the same conditions as the big financial institutions but without the hefty minimum investment. trademakers makes investing in professional strategies easy and at far lower entry levels than traditional investments.

Regulated security of your funds

Your money is held by our preferred regulated custodian SGT. You simply give us permission to place your funds into your selected programmes, but not to transfer or withdraw any of your money.

Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio

Swiss Investment Specialists

The investment strategy team at JPFS comprises three investment veterans who oversee, analyse and risk manage the Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio.

Peter Kristensen has an accumulated financial markets experience of over 35 years. Peter’s capital markets background and experience is key in finding the right balance of trading counterparts and technology, liquidity management, hedging and banking facilities for funds/blockchain companies.

Mikkel Thorup is an investment professional with experience working with tier-one banks and investment groups. Mikkel is highly experienced and proficient in building portfolios based on variables such as: total returns, asset allocation and risk metrics and he is an experienced technical analyst with a broad macro-economic view for markets and investments globally.

Martyn Price has had a successful multi-decade trading across asset classes, characterised by significant trading profitability. Martyn’s has extensive breadth of experience and a solid reputation for his demonstrably strong work ethic, integrity and in generating results for clients and partners.

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