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Mako Management

Foreign Exchange & Indices


Investment Objective

MAK replicates the performance of the Mako Management investment strategy which specialises in short to medium-term trading of highly liquid global macro assets, in particular spot FX, precious metals, and major equity indices.

Mako Management employs a proprietary risk management system to capitalise on high-impact economic data points or central bank commentaries that cause shifts in expectations about future interest rates and monetary policy that stimulate trading opportunities. MAK seeks to add or reduce exposure upon a particular trade catalyst, holding the corresponding trading positions for maximum impact.

Return on Investment

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Investment Highlights

Target Returns: 30 - 40% p.a.
Investment Horizon: 1 year
Risk Level: 5 out of 5
Track Record: 12 months
Minimum Investment: 5,000 USD
Investment Advisor: JP Fund Services

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Mako Management

Mako Management Limited is an investment manager regulated by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission.

Nicholas Bovell is the portfolio manager, and has been trading the financial markets since 2009, and managing investor capital since 2015. Mr Bovell has a degree in investment finance from the University of Western Australia in Perth.

Priyesh Mehta is a research analyst and compliance officer and has been trading the financial markets since 2015. Mr Mehta has an honours degree in Actuarial Science from Cass Business School in London.

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