Balanced Multi Asset Mathematical Strategy (BMAMS)

The strategy is based on statistical and technical analysis of market movements to identify opportunities for returns.

BMAMS uses cold hard mathematics to view the market in an alternative light. Opinion is replaced by statistics. Trading is conducted in clearly defined conditions under strict parameters. Numbers have no emotions.

Launch Date: May 2021

With investment, your capital is at risk.


Program details by trademakers


Minimum Investment


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Default Leverage

Peak 1 to 5 Avg: 1 to 2

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Strategy Currency


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Track Record

3 years (live and test period)


Risk Level 3-4

Risk Willing

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No Lock In

Access your money anytime

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Program Performance

All performance data is injected into these charts directly from the live trading accounts, with no human interference.

Today Hourly Performance

The chart above is based on hourly gross performance between 11pm CET to 11pm CET, the following day. 

NB: If no data is shown above, this means that no open positions are currently held by the program.

Daily Performance

The chart above is based on daily gross performance for the current month (from the first to the last day of each month).

Monthly Performance

The chart above is based on monthly gross performance since 2022.

Annual Gross Performance

The chart above is based on compounded annual gross performance since 2021.

Key Statistics

*Past performance should not be construed as an indicator of future performance.

Terms & Conditions


Account Opening

Performance Fee

High water marks, monthly

Management Fee

How to Invest

trademakers sources, qualifies and provides risk management oversight on all investment programs and their managers, while our custodian and execution partner SGT provides the technology, client on-boarding and trading infrastructure.


Step 1

When you invest in a trademakers program, the first step is to open an account with SGT Markets.


Step 2

When your account with SGT has been approved, we will send you an Investment Agreement which you will need to sign and return to SGT to complete your account set up.


Step 3

Now your account has been opened, you simply need to deposit sufficient funds to cover your investment in any selected trademakers investment programme.

The Strategy


Balanced Multi-Asset Mathematical Strategies

The BMAMS strategies are selected after rigorous testing through high-powered, machine-learning tools which analyse hundreds of years of tick data across thousands of instruments to select the most robust strategy for investors to participate in.

Each selected strategy is then strenuously stress-tested hundreds of millions of times with the goal of ‘breaking’ it to ascertain if it will withstand adverse market conditions before it is added to a basket of distilled strategies that make up the program. This basket of strategies is then further tested so that when tested across all the different market pairs, they complement each other with the lowest correlation while balancing risk exposure.

Darwin’s theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ aptly applies to the BMAMS program because only the fittest strategies survive selection.


Is BMAMS right for me?


Who is it for?

Multi-asset programs normally have a lower risk than single asset programs. The low correlations between asset classes makes them suitable for investors who wish to diversify their portfolio.


What do we invest in?

BMAMS invests in a diversified selection of indices, currencies, and commodities. The program takes positions adhering to statistically based rules. Position sizes are defined mathematically to control risk.

What do I need to do?

Apply for an account with SGT, our partner custodian. And as soon as you have been approved and have funded your account with sufficient funds to cover your investment choices, your account will then be ready to invest into the programs you choose to invest in.

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Why choose trademakers?

Professional risk management

All investment strategies are overseen by the Risk Management team at JP Fund Services SA, which has been conducting Risk Management investment services since 2007.

Institutional-grade investments

Invest like a pro on the same conditions as the big financial institutions but without the hefty minimum investment. trademakers makes investing in professional strategies easy and at far lower entry levels than traditional investments.

Regulated security of your funds

Your money is held by our preferred regulated custodian SGT. You simply give us permission to place your funds into your selected programmes, but not to transfer or withdraw any of your money.

Latest news from the

BMAMS Strategist

The team at BMAMS is an eclectic group of mathematical geeks with a diverse skill set made up of backgrounds in economic modelling, financial fraud detection, military GPS systems as well as computer coding.

The team strips away the noise of market fundamentals such as news reports, statistically transform data and de-trend the markets allowing the computer to gain fresh insights into traditional markets. Using mathematical and statistical methods they isolate profitable patterns within diverse markets.


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