Best Crypto Index Fund (BCIF)

The Best Crypto Index Fund only invests in crypto Blue Chips - the TOP 18 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation, which offer better liquidity and minimised volatility.

The portfolio may expand the range of coins to further improve asset protection measures. The investment strategy is allocated evenly between all coins (no single coin in the portfolio is dominant) and therefore the fund better represents the crypto market as a whole, rather than just the 2-3 dominant coins, providing greater risk diversification.


June 2023 (after 3 years market testing)

With investment, your capital is at risk.


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Best Crypto Index Fund (BCIF)

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How to Invest

trademakers sources, qualifies and provides risk management oversight on all investment programs and their managers, while our custodian and execution partner SGT provides the technology, client on-boarding and trading infrastructure.


Step 1

When you invest in a trademakers program, the first step is to open an account with SGT Markets.


Step 2

When your account with SGT has been approved, we will send you an Investment Agreement which you will need to sign and return to SGT to complete your account set up.


Step 3

Now your account has been opened, you simply need to deposit sufficient funds to cover your investment in any selected trademakers investment programme.

The BCIF Strategy

A Balanced Crypto Fund

The ratios between the fund's coins change dynamically due to price movements. As a result, the portfolio is adjusted each week to evenly distribute the funds among the 18 coins. A portion of the invested assets is always held in cash, or selected crypto equivalents to provide liquidity to the fund and optimise value growth.

The main goal of the strategy is to create an index, based on market cap allocation and to ensure no human interaction is involved. The resulting strategy is aimed at  investors who want to be in the crypto markets without having to pick own coins to speculate in this fast-moving sector.

All investments are held with a Swiss Custodian Asset Management firm, selected on the basis of its jurisdiction (Switzerland), regulatory status - Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) - its risk management and reporting, governance and compliance processes and to give the fund direct access to deep market liquidity.


Is BCIF right for me?


Who is it for?

Alternative investment programs, like BCIF normally have a higher risk than traditional mutual funds, making them suitable for investors who accept the higher risks involved.


What do we invest in?

BCIF only invests in the 18 biggest cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation, but may include new coins if they possess the potential for increased liquidity and portfolio diversification.

What do I need to do?

Apply for an Account with SGT. And as soon as you have been approved and have funded your account with sufficient funds to cover your investment choices, your account will then be ready to invest into the programs you choose to invest in.

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Why choose trademakers?

Professional risk management

All investment strategies are overseen by the Risk Management team at JP Fund Services SA, which has been conducting Risk Management investment services since 2007.

Institutional-grade investments

Invest like a pro on the same conditions as the big financial institutions but without the hefty minimum investment. trademakers makes investing in professional strategies easy and at far lower entry levels than traditional investments.

Regulated security of your funds

Your money is held by our preferred regulated custodian SGT. You simply give us permission to place your funds into your selected programmes, but not to transfer or withdraw any of your money.

Best Crypto Index Fund (BCIF)

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Bertram Seitz

With over 30 years of professional experience, Bertram is a seasoned financial markets expert specializing in FX, crypto, and e-trading solutions. Bertram's deep knowledge and expertise span several European countries, making him a recognized authority in the field.

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Katja Damij

Katja is an experienced leader, international entrepreneur, and lecturer specializing in creating creative financial products and leading financial teams. She has experience in insurance, investment funds, crypto currencies, and private banking. She runs an asset  management company for crypto alternative investment funds and is also an international supplier of precious metals and diamonds.

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