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Cromwell FX

Risk Level 4: Risk Willing

A systematic foreign exchange trading program, based on 22 currency pairs, traded on a 24 hour basis.

Since January 2014, the Cromwell FX Program has been managed successfully and has consistently generated yield-producing annualised returns.

The program's results have outperformed many similar programs, in terms of both returns and risk volatility.

Program Performance


TM Digital (Discretionary)

Risk Level 3: Medium

This investment strategy seeks total returns through exposure to a diversified and risk-adjusted portfolio of digital assets.

TM Digital (Discretionary) is an investment strategy that has consistently averaged double digit monthly growth since August 2018.

The strategy is simple & targeted, producing stable performance, and most trades closing in profit.

Program Performance


Balanced Multi Asset Mathematical Strategy (BMAMS)

Risk Level: Risk Willing

The strategy is based on statistical and technical analysis of market movements to identify opportunities for returns.

The maths behind the formulas is uncluttered by human intervention, opinions and market 'noise' as the program is built on an objective strategy which ignores market sentiment and instead favours mathematical purity in calculating the timing, direction and style of each trade placed in the program.

Program Performance


Capital Markets Investment Strategy (CMIS)

Risk Level: Medium

A multi-asset yield investment program delivering qualifying investors with net returns of 8% per annum, paid quarterly in arrears.

The program is underpinned by a strategy of active risk management, capital protection and alpha gains, executed by verified and regulated trade partners.

Program Performance

The chart above is based on gross quarterly payouts since December 2021.

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