Fixed Income Bonds (LATAM)

A fixed-income alternative bond structure investment based on a basket of bonds including government and corporate bonds from South America.

In the past 10 year, this market has been impossible to enter for ordinary, private investors, and even incredibly challenging for High Net Worth investors and financial institutions, but trademakers has broken down the barriers to entry!

The main focus of the program is to invest in short-term corporate bonds, such as energy, real estate, government and the auto industry and, potentially, to include government bonds as well.

Our aim is to have on average approximately 2 years majority in the basket of bonds to diversify the investment and increase risk controls.

Launch Date: September 2022

With investment, your capital is at risk.


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Track Record

9 months


Risk Level 3-4

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Lock In

6 Months

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Program Performance

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Monthly Performance

The chart above is based on monthly gross performance since 2022.

Annual Gross Performance

The chart above is based on compounded annual gross performance since September 2022.

Key Statistics

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Terms & Conditions

Fixed Income Bonds (LATAM)

Performance Fee

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Management Fee

How to Invest

trademakers sources, qualifies and provides risk management oversight on all investment programs and their managers, while our custodian and execution partner SGT provides the technology, client on-boarding and trading infrastructure.


Step 1

When you invest in a trademakers program, the first step is to open an account with SGT Markets.


Step 2

When your account with SGT has been approved, we will send you an Investment Agreement which you will need to sign and return to SGT to complete your account set up.


Step 3

Now your account has been opened, you simply need to deposit sufficient funds to cover your investment in any selected trademakers investment programme.

The Strategy

High Interest Rates & Risk Adjusted Exposure

Our goal was to create an alternative fixed income product that can take advantage of higher interest rates but without the currency risks involved in local currencies.

To achieve this goal we have partnered with the largest digital asset exchange in South America. Until now, this company has only offered this product to domestic investors. However via agreements with JPFS and SGT, trademakers can now make this exciting fixed income program available to private investors, HNWs and institutional investors anywhere in the world.

The Fixed Income Bonds (LATAM) program focuses on high-interest-rate-generating corporate bonds and government bonds with an overall average maturity of 2 years to lower the risk level and allow for interest rate fluctuations.

The program  is offered in corporation with a large financial institution in Brazil, with an overall balance sheet of between $2.2-2.5 BLN. Investor funds will be converted to stable coins and deposit with our counter party/custodian to be placed into the bonds themselves. To withdraw funds, the reverse procedure will be applied. All investor funds and bond placements will be held with our custodian Mercado Bitcoin.


Is Fixed Income Bonds (LATAM) right for me?


Who is it for?

Hedge Funds and Alternative investment programs, such as Fixed Income Bonds (LATAM) normally have a higher risk than traditional mutual funds, which only makes them suitable for investors willing to take a higher risks in their portfolio Diversification.


What do we invest in?

Fixed Income Bonds (LATAM) invests exclusively in Fixed Income corporate, and potentially government bonds.

What do I need to do?

Apply for an Account with SGT, our partner custodian. And as soon as you have been approved and have funded your account with sufficient funds to cover your investment choices, your account will then be ready to invest into the programs you choose to invest in.

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Why choose trademakers?

Professional risk management

All investment strategies are overseen by the Risk Management team at JP Fund Services SA, which has been conducting Risk Management investment services since 2007.

Institutional-grade investments

Invest like a pro on the same conditions as the big financial institutions but without the hefty minimum investment. trademakers makes investing in professional strategies easy and at far lower entry levels than traditional investments.

Regulated security of your funds

Your money is held by our preferred regulated custodian SGT. You simply give us permission to place your funds into your selected programmes, but not to transfer or withdraw any of your money.

Fixed Income Bonds (LATAM)

Your Investment Team

JP Fund Services SA alternative investment team with decades of experience in alternative investment via hedge funds, structured products, special investment programs and more. The team is specialised in alternative investment placements:

Peter Kristensen

Peter Kristensen has an accumulated financial markets experience of over 35 years. His career began with a small Danish bank in 1986 and by the mid 1990’s he was working for Saxo Bank, one of the pioneers of the online trading industry where he became the Global Co-Head of Sales Trading and Technical Analysis.  He was then seconded to Synthesis Bank, now Saxo Bank Switzerland, to establish their presence in the online trading world before leaving in 2006 to establish JP Fund Services.

Peter’s capital markets background sets him apart from many other fund services executives, with a bias towards solution finding, his experience is key in helping investment managers find the right balance of trading counterparts and technology, liquidity management, hedging and banking facilities for funds/blockchain companies.

Martyn Price

Martyn Price is a highly experienced financial services professional specialising in managing trading and sales teams, quantitative algorithmic trading, FX e-commerce, portfolio management, alternative investments, trading systems, operations, strategic planning, business development and project management.

Martyn has had a successful multi-decade trading and business development career across asset classes, characterised by significant trading profitability and client retention. Martyn’s has extensive breadth of experience and a solid reputation for his demonstrably strong work ethic, integrity and in generating results for clients and partners.

Martyn works across functional lines to deliver the best results for clients and the enterprise itself, and he is able to work with people at all levels within an organisation. Martyn enjoys deep industry relationships developed in Latin America, Europe, APAC and the US on both the buy and the sell side.

Mikkel Thorup

Mikkel Thorup is a progressive investment professional with a blend of experience in working with top-tier level banks. Throughout his career as an investment advisor, he has developed a consistent track record of risk adjusted returns achieved by drawing upon skills and expertise in managing and trading both currency and interest rate risk.

​​Mikkel was previously CIO at Capricorn FX and was responsible for the overall trading philosophy of the Capricorn products, the implementation of future investment products, and was the primary trader for the Capricorn managed programs. From 1996 to 1998, he served as the Head Trader at Smith Barney and prior to that was a trader at Credit Suisse in Geneva. From 1992 to 1995, Mikkel was employed at HJZ, Denmark as a Sales Manager, and he started his career in 1991 at Dubesco Holding as an Investment Manager.

Mikkel is highly experienced and proficient in building portfolios based on variables such as: total returns, asset allocation and risk metrics and he is an experienced technical analyst with a broad macro-economic view for markets and investments globally.

Mikkel is a Member of the Market Technicians Association and the International Federation of Technical Analysts.

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