trademakers is a Sterling Gent Trading brand

Security of Funds

Our clients invest their trading capital and their trust with us. That's why creating and maintaining a robust and secure execution environment to safeguard client funds and assets is our primary objective, governing every part of our business.

trademakers is a Sterling Gent Trading brand

Security of Funds

Sterling Gent Trading has been helping clients and partners capitalise on multi-asset trading and investing opportunities for nearly 20 years. A history that has enabled us to achieve significant milestones on our journey from a small trading company to the international trading and investment group we are today.

Your safety first


Sterling Gent Trading is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission in the British Virgin Islands.


Sterling Gent Trading gives you extra security and peace of mind with indemnity insurance when you trade with us.

The Essential Banking Backbone

  • Banking Relations

    The banks and financial institutions Sterling Gent Trading works with maintain intermediary and correspondent accounts with some of the largest banks in the world, across a variety of currencies. This affords our clients additional peace of mind, knowing that these intermediary and correspondent banks are subject to the strictest regulations and supervision by some of the largest central banks, monetary authorities, and capital markets supervisory bodies in the world.

  • Due Diligence

    Sterling Gent Trading carries out comprehensive due diligence on the banks that it holds, or plans to hold, client money with, not only when selecting the bank but also on an on-going basis. Banks are chosen, amongst other things, on the strength of their balance sheet, their credit rating and risk outlook.

  • FSC Compliance

    SGT submits a regular Client Money & Assets Return to the FSC in the British Virgin Islands and our client money arrangements are audited by our independent auditor on an annual basis, with a copy of their report provided to the Financial Services Commission.

Compliance & Credit