Increasing Value for Our Growing Audience

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With a rise in readership and an expanding clientele and product range at JPFS, trademakers, and Sterling Gent Trading (SGT), it’s time to enhance our output and offer more profitable insights for speculators and investors.

Writing weekly and sharing market snippets and personal musings has been a pleasure for me. However, a once-a-week update tends to provide an overview rather than real-time opportunities. To address this, I will start sharing more frequent updates, including charts and data, to explain my trades, risks, and market expectations in detail.


While I’ve avoided including charts and specific levels to prevent any perception of giving investment recommendations, I believe it’s now valuable to share my real-time analysis and decision-making process. This approach will not overwhelm your inboxes but will add value by highlighting what I consider tradable opportunities, and encourage you to do your own research on various markets.


Rest assured, my weekly updates will continue, offering a broader discussion on market events and political satire. Politicians will still be humorously critiqued, as their impact on our markets remains significant and, frankly, many deserve to have the piss taken out of them.


Reflecting on changes that have happened over the past 50-years, when I entered the business, you would rarely come across an industry front-liner rarely who had left-leaning views, because our business was considered the Last Bastion of Capitalism.

Today, however, many more wealthy capitalists support left-of-center parties, likely due to social media’s emphasis on moral signaling. Despite this shift, trading and speculating remain honest endeavors, providing those involved with immediate feedback on mistakes, very unlike politics.


With so many political events occurring, it’s no surprise that many financial markets are stagnating. This was expected, but it makes offering a precise prediction on what to expect a bit challenging.


We might see a few wild market moves in the coming weeks, but whether any of them will have long-term significance remains uncertain. Moreover, given that I write just once a week, it wouldn’t be right for me to speculate on future happenings, especially as my own portfolio is fairly square.


Commodities continue to weaken, and I am grateful for closing out my long positions a few weeks ago. As I mentioned last week, now that prices have eased, I am tempted to re-enter certain commodities, but I am still holding back, waiting for clearer buy signals from the charts.


The thrill of the trade and the personal accountability it demands are why most of us celebrate or commiserate with a drink at the end of the day.


Previously, financial centers buzzed with brokers and traders conducting business over a few beers. Remote working is changed this dynamic, but personally, I still value in-person interactions with other market professionals. In my view, these discussions are crucial as they offer insights beyond social media and business channels, and I am confident that they benefit my bottom line over the course of the year.

Meeting people who challenge our comfort zones is essential for growth. I still continue to seek input from diverse perspectives to improve my skills and decision-making. Relying solely on social media can lead to a narrow viewpoint due to the prevalence of echo chambers and confirmation biases. Engaging with those who offer different ideas keeps our analysis robust and informed.


We thank you for your continued support. I look forward to providing you with more frequent, insightful updates to help you navigate the markets more effectively.

The post Increasing Value for Our Growing Audience first appeared on JP Fund Services.

The post Increasing Value for Our Growing Audience appeared first on JP Fund Services.

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