Cryptocurrency News: Render, Chiliz, and Solana to Watch in June


Render is gaining traction due to its advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed GPU rendering technology. These advancements are making high-quality rendering tools more accessible and affordable, leading to increased adoption by content creators and developers. Render's integration of distributed GPU rendering technology not only illustrates a technical breakthrough but also democratizes access to powerful visualization tools, positioning Render as a significant player in the rapidly evolving crypto ecosystem (Render, 2024).


Chiliz is expected to benefit significantly from major football tournaments like the Euro and Copa America. These events are anticipated to boost the issuance and circulation of fan tokens via the Socios platform. The engagement and excitement around these matches are likely to enhance the visibility and value of Chiliz's native crypto, making it a noteworthy player this month (Chiliz, 2024).


Solana continues to attract attention due to its ability to process transactions quickly and at a low cost. It has become a preferred platform for numerous decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, drawing major institutional players. This increased utilization has contributed to a significant rise in Solana's value. The trend of growing institutional interest and adoption in DeFi projects suggests that Solana will remain in the spotlight (Solana, 2024).

Bitcoin's Performance and Outlook

Sideways Trading

Bitcoin has been trading within a tight range, with a notable 13% increase in May. However, June is expected to be precarious due to the lack of clear catalysts and historical performance, which shows an average return of only 0.25% during the month over the last decade (Bitcoin, 2024).


Miner Challenges

Bitcoin miners are facing profitability issues due to increasing block processing times and a declining hash rate. This could lead to increased selling pressure from miners, potentially affecting Bitcoin's price (Bitcoin, 2024).


Regulatory Focus

The approval of ether ETFs in the U.S. has been a significant catalyst for the broader altcoin market. Similar regulatory developments could impact Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the near future (Bitcoin, 2024).

Altcoins with Potential for Significant Gains

GameStop (GME)

This meme coin has seen a 217% surge in the last 24 hours, driven by high trading volumes and market cap increases. GameStop is considered a high-growth potential investment due to its recent performance (GameStop, 2024).



Notcoin has experienced a remarkable 270% increase over the past week, with continued network activity and trading volume surges. It recently set a new all-time high and is expected to continue its upward trend (Notcoin, 2024).



Following the SEC's approval of Ethereum ETFs, Ethereum is predicted to surge, potentially reaching as high as $6,000. This follows a pattern similar to Bitcoin's growth after its ETF approval, indicating strong future performance (Ethereum, 2024).



JasmyCoin has shown a 101% rise in May and is expected to continue its growth in June, with a potential target of $1 before aiming higher. Its recent performance highlights its potential for sustained growth (JasmyCoin, 2024).

Security Incident in Japan

DMM Bitcoin Exchange

A significant security breach resulted in the disappearance of digital assets worth at least 48.2 billion yen ($300 million) from the DMM Bitcoin exchange. This incident is the second-largest of its kind in Japan, following a similar event at Coincheck in 2018. Tokyo police are currently investigating the case, underscoring the need for robust security measures in cryptocurrency exchanges (DMM Bitcoin Exchange, 2024).

Market Trends and Predictions

Bitcoin Price Forecast

Despite recent stability, Bitcoin is forecasted to potentially reach $75,000 in June 2024. This prediction is driven by positive signals from the BTC derivatives market, particularly the high BTC Taker Buy/Sell Ratio, indicating strong bullish sentiment among market participants (Bitcoin Forecast, 2024).


Altcoin Season

With Bitcoin's dominance stabilizing, the market is hinting at an upcoming altcoin season. This makes it a favorable time for investors to diversify their portfolios with high-potential altcoins, given the mixed performance of major cryptocurrencies and the significant gains observed in some altcoins (Altcoin Season, 2024).


These developments highlight the dynamic and often volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, presenting both significant opportunities and risks for investors. It is crucial for investors to stay informed and adopt a strategic approach to navigate these market conditions effectively.


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