‘Winoma FX’ launches on trademakers

JP Fund Services, the Swiss investment advisors, have launched a new FX investment strategy here on trademakers - the fractionalised investment platform.

This new fractionalised investment is ‘Winoma FX’ and is a foreign exchange strategy which seeks to achieve its goal by actively trading in the most liquid G10 currencies.


Peter Kristensen, CEO at JPFS:

‘Our new program ‘Winoma FX’ offers investors an established FX investment that can add strength and reliability to almost any portfolio. Working closely with trademakers, JPFS is proud to bring new fractionalised investment opportunities to non-accredited investors.’


Winoma Capital develop and employ proprietary FX strategies and algorithms designed to capture optimal momentum and thereby maximize investor returns from these dynamic opportunities in the foreign exchange market.


You can discover more about Winoma FX, its performance, and the team behind it on

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