Topaz Global FX returns +30% in 2023

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trademakers announces the launch of Topaz Global FX, one of the strongest-performing investment programs we’ve ever seen!

Topaz is an actively managed, high-volume, trend-based trading algorithm targeting the 14 largest currency pairs in the world and has produced returns of 30.11% in 2023 so far.


Steven LaBella, CEO at Topaz Global:

Until now, Topaz Global FX was only available to professional investors, family offices and institutional clients. However, by partnering with trademakers our highly successful programs are now accessible to every type of investor via the trademakers platform.’


Peter Kristensen, CEO at JPFS:

With the Topaz Global FX strategy, 99% of all investors can invest in professionally managed strategies and programs, from just $5,000 via trademakers. Previously, these kinds of investments were out of reach for many investors because of the high minimums required to participate.’


You can discover more about Topaz Global FX, its performance, and the team behind it on

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