Digital Asset Insights 24.10.23

Traders are taking advantage of the impressive bullish run of many leading cryptocurrencies already. One of the coins made over 70% gains. It is time to act and make some profit and this weekly report will guide you.

Bitcoin (BTC)


The week began with Bitcoin trading at $28,509.7, displaying great strength. The cryptocurrency managed to break past the $29,000 mark, closing the day at $29,969.5. The day saw a trading volume of 119.18K Bitcoins, showcasing the bullish sentiment that dominated the market. Bitcoin closed the day with a remarkable gain of 4.96%, leaving investors in anticipation of a continued bullish trend.


On Tuesday, the Bitcoin market took a brief pause. The coin opened at $28,403.6 and experienced some downward pressure. It traded within the range of $28,096.9 and $28,608.5, with a total trading volume of 53.42K Bitcoins. The day closed with a decrease of 0.37%, giving traders a reason to remain cautious.


Wednesday continued the slightly bearish trend. Bitcoin opened at $28,321.7 and closed at $28,405.2, remaining within a tight trading range. The day ended with a minor loss of 0.29%. Investors were watching closely to see if this trend would continue.


The cryptocurrency market rebounded on Thursday. Bitcoin opened at $28,723.0, rising steadily throughout the day. It reached a high of $28,883.8 and ended the day at $28,170.2. The trading volume for the day was 50.10K Bitcoins, and Bitcoin closed with a gain of 1.42%. This gain ignited hopes of a bullish trend revival.


Bitcoin made a strong comeback on Friday, opening at $29,674.5. The cryptocurrency showcased impressive resilience, climbing to a high of $30,165.9. The day ended with a price of $28,586.1, marking a significant gain of 3.31%. The trading volume was notably high, with 82.68K Bitcoins traded.


The upward momentum continued into the weekend. Bitcoin opened at $29,912.9 and surged throughout the day, reaching $30,264.8 at its peak. The day closed at $29,469.1, with a notable trading volume of 34.68K Bitcoins. Bitcoin's price increased by 0.80%, further enhancing the optimism among investors.


The week concluded with Bitcoin continuing its upward trajectory. The cryptocurrency opened at $29,984.2, and despite some intraday fluctuations, it managed to maintain its momentum. The day ended at $29,713.6, with a trading volume of 29.07K Bitcoins. Bitcoin closed the week with a modest gain of 0.24%, maintaining the bullish sentiment.


As we wrap up the week, Bitcoin has shown its resilience and ability to recover from minor dips. The week's performance suggests that Bitcoin remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum (ETH)


As the new week dawned on the 16th of October 2023, Ethereum enthusiasts and investors were poised for what would turn out to be an intriguing and dynamic week for the popular cryptocurrency. This week witnessed substantial fluctuations in Ethereum's price, which has long been recognized as the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world.


Ethereum began the week at a price of $1,599.48, initiating an upward trajectory. The price action witnessed a robust increase of 2.69%, reaching $1,635.46 per ETH. Trading volumes were notably high at 452.69K ETH, as the week commenced with enthusiasm among Ethereum traders.


Despite the promising start, Ethereum's price encountered a dip, closing at $1,600.49 with a decrease of 2.16%. Trading volumes were still significant at 250.22K ETH, illustrating continued interest and activity surrounding the cryptocurrency.


The mid-week saw Ethereum's price make a minor correction, dropping to $1,583.77, a decrease of 0.10%. While the decrease was modest, Ethereum remained a prominent asset with trading volumes of 199.43K ETH.


Ethereum displayed a small gain, ending the day at $1,573.48, up by 0.21%. Trading volumes stayed strong, reaching 238.42K ETH, reaffirming the cryptocurrency's popularity.


The cryptocurrency market was abuzz as Ethereum experienced a robust increase. The day's close stood at $1,629.26, up by 2.37%. Ethereum's trading volumes soared to 343.61K ETH, indicating a significant interest in the digital asset.


Ethereum maintained its upward momentum, closing at $1,642.33, showing a gain of 1.56%. The cryptocurrency market was active, with 188.94K ETH traded.


Ethereum wrapped up the week on a high note, closing at $1,667.50, marking a weekly gain of 2.11%. The trading volumes remained substantial at 246.68K ETH.

Ripple (XRP)


On the first day of last week, which was October 16, 2023, Ripple (XRP) began its journey with a price of $0.49777. This was a hopeful start for XRP enthusiasts, especially after experiencing some volatility in previous weeks. The daily trading range was between $0.48739 and $0.50991, with a total trading volume of 496.80 million XRP. At the end of the day, XRP was up by 2.13%, closing at $0.50991.


The following day, October 17, 2023, Ripple experienced a slight setback. The day started at $0.49110 and reached a high of $0.49777. However, the price could not maintain its momentum and closed at $0.48759, down 1.34%. The daily trading volume was 376.84 million XRP.


On October 18, 2023, the price of XRP began at $0.48771 and traded within a range of $0.48653 to $0.49229. Despite starting the day with a small gain, XRP closed at $0.48653, representing a modest decrease of 0.69%. The daily trading volume was 368.52 million XRP.


October 19, 2023, marked a remarkable turnaround for Ripple (XRP). The day started with a price of $0.51964, and the cryptocurrency saw a substantial daily trading range between $0.48777 and $0.52411. The trading volume skyrocketed to 647.63 million XRP. Ripple enthusiasts and investors were elated as XRP experienced a 6.55% increase in its price, closing the day at $0.52411. This surge generated a renewed sense of optimism among the XRP community, as they witnessed the digital asset's ability to regain momentum.


On October 20, 2023, Ripple (XRP) experienced a minor correction in its price. Starting at $0.51503, XRP reached a high of $0.52960 but later closed at $0.50868. The daily trading volume was 559.75 million XRP, and the price decreased by 0.89%. Although the price fell slightly, this correction was seen as a normal part of cryptocurrency market dynamics. Many investors considered it a healthy consolidation after the previous day's significant gain.


The positive momentum returned on October 21, 2023, as XRP once again climbed higher. Starting at $0.52109, Ripple experienced a daily trading range between $0.51494 and $0.53142, with a trading volume of 221.48 million XRP. The digital asset gained 1.18% in value, closing at $0.53142. The XRP community celebrated this bounce-back, indicating that the cryptocurrency had demonstrated resilience in the face of market fluctuations.


The week concluded on a relatively positive note for Ripple. On October 22, 2023, XRP opened at $0.52260 and experienced a daily trading range between $0.52108 and $0.52384. The daily trading volume was 202.82 million XRP. XRP increased by 0.29% on this day, closing at $0.52384. The week had seen its ups and downs, but the overall sentiment remained cautiously optimistic.

Cardano (ADA)


On the first day of the week, Cardano's price stood at $0.2512 with a market cap of $155.64 million. It opened at $0.2473, reached a high of $0.2593, and closed at $0.2472. The total trading volume for the day was an impressive 155.64 million ADA. Over the course of the day, Cardano saw a 1.60% increase, showing early signs of strength.


Cardano faced a slight setback on the 17th of October. It opened at $0.2464, reached a high of $0.2512, but closed at $0.2454. The total trading volume for the day was 135.47 million ADA. Despite a daily trading volume drop, Cardano saw a decrease of 1.91% on this day.


Cardano's price continued to fluctuate on the 18th of October. It opened at $0.2430, reached a high of $0.2464, and closed at $0.2423. The total trading volume for the day was 97.88 million ADA. The price dipped 1.41% on this day.


Cardano regained its momentum on the 19th of October. It opened at $0.2469, reached a high of $0.2469, and closed at $0.2399. The total trading volume for the day was 102.40 million ADA. Cardano experienced a 1.60% increase on this day, showcasing its resilience.


On the 20th of October, Cardano's price opened at $0.2512, reached a high of $0.2530, and closed at $0.2454. The total trading volume for the day was 80.90 million ADA. Cardano demonstrated a 1.76% increase, indicating that it was on a steady climb.


Cardano made substantial gains on the 21st of October. It opened at $0.2586, reached a high of $0.2626, and closed at $0.2495. The total trading volume for the day was a significant 78.72 million ADA. Cardano surged by 2.95% on this day, impressing investors.


Cardano wrapped up the week on a strong note. It opened at $0.2639, reached a high of $0.2643, and closed at $0.2563. The total trading volume for the day was 65.62 million ADA. Cardano finished the week with a 2.05% increase, leaving investors with a positive outlook.

Solana (SOL)


Solana opened the week with a bang. Starting at $23.952, the cryptocurrency saw significant gains as it surged to $24.583. This impressive 9.30% increase drew the attention of both seasoned investors and newcomers. The trading volume on this day was 8.67 million SOL.


The positive momentum carried over into Tuesday, with Solana opening at $23.934. However, the day saw a minor correction, with a closing price of $23.579, resulting in a small dip of 0.08%. Despite this slight decline, Solana's stability and resilience remained a focal point for traders and investors.


Wednesday brought further fluctuations in Solana's price. Opening at $23.417, the day witnessed a high of $24.360 and a low of $23.380. By the end of the day, Solana had experienced a 2.16% decrease in its value. This day's trading volume was 3.99 million SOL, signifying substantial market activity.


Solana demonstrated its resilience on Thursday, with the price opening at $24.942 and closing at $23.181, reflecting a 6.51% increase. The trading volume for the day reached 7.60 million SOL, indicating renewed interest and demand for the cryptocurrency.


The positive trend continued on Friday as Solana opened at $27.020, reaching a high of $27.350 and closing at $24.732. This represented an 8.33% increase in price, demonstrating Solana's ability to consolidate its gains. The trading volume on this day was 9.71 million SOL, showcasing strong investor confidence.


Saturday witnessed a significant price surge as Solana opened at $29.343 and hit a high of $30.165. The cryptocurrency closed the day at $26.665, reflecting an 8.60% increase. Market activity was robust, with a trading volume of 11.47 million SOL.


As the week came to a close, Solana opened at $29.049 and closed at $28.123, marking a 1.00% decrease. The trading volume for the day was 6.55 million SOL. Despite the minor dip, Solana had displayed an impressive performance throughout the week, demonstrating its ability to navigate market fluctuations successfully.

Dogecoin (DOGE)


Monday brought a minor setback for Dogecoin as its price dipped to $0.059034. The cryptocurrency, with a market cap of 803.86 million, experienced a 1.62% decline. This price drop hinted at the unpredictable nature of the crypto market, where even a coin with a strong community like Dogecoin couldn't escape the volatility.


Tuesday saw Dogecoin rebounding from the previous day's dip. The price increased to $0.058581, recovering from the previous loss. Despite the minor setback, DOGE continued to demonstrate resilience.


On Wednesday, the upward trend continued as Dogecoin's price stood at $0.058878. With a market cap of 337.78 million, the cryptocurrency marked a 0.51% increase in its price.


Thursday brought more positivity to Dogecoin, as it was priced at $0.059906. The market cap rose to 485.43 million, and DOGE gained 1.75%. This was welcomed by DOGE holders who had been hoping for a sustained upward movement.


Dogecoin continued its upward journey on Friday, with the price climbing to $0.061203. The market cap stood at 518.00 million, and DOGE registered a significant gain of 2.16%. The week was turning out to be quite a lucrative one for Dogecoin investors.


The week concluded on Saturday with Dogecoin's price at $0.061683. The market cap reached 516.33 million, and DOGE recorded a 0.78% increase. As the week ended, Dogecoin holders had reason to be optimistic about its future.

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