Digital Asset Insights 18.10.23

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Bitcoin (BTC)


The week began with Bitcoin trading at $27,581.4. The cryptocurrency experienced a rollercoaster week as it ranged from $27,279.5 to $27,986.4, with a trading volume of 44.81K Bitcoin.


On Monday, Bitcoin opened at $27,391.0 and reached a high of $27,728.1. However, the digital currency couldn't maintain its upward momentum, ending the day at $27,300.1, with a trading volume of 34.32K Bitcoin and a 0.69% decline in value.


Tuesday saw Bitcoin open at $26,876.6 and reach a high of $27,475.9, but it couldn't sustain the rally. The day concluded at $26,558.4 with a substantial trading volume of 55.78K Bitcoin, marking a 1.88% drop in value.


On Wednesday, Bitcoin opened at $26,761.1 and fluctuated throughout the day. The cryptocurrency closed at $26,565.3, with a trading volume of 32.75K Bitcoin and a 0.43% decrease in value.


Thursday brought a bit of relief as Bitcoin opened at $26,863.5, reaching a high of $27,114.8 and closing at $26,682.9. The day's trading volume was 33.66K Bitcoin, with a 0.38% increase in value.


Friday was relatively stable as Bitcoin opened at $26,852.8 and moved within a tight range. The day concluded at $26,805.1, with a trading volume of 13.56K Bitcoin and a minor decrease of 0.04% in value.


The week ended with Bitcoin opening at $27,161.2. The cryptocurrency displayed some resilience and closed at $27,286.9, with a trading volume of 21.95K Bitcoin and a modest 1.15% increase in value.

Ethereum (ETH)


The cryptocurrency market welcomed a new week with Ethereum (ETH) starting at $1,579.74. Ethereum's price tumbled from an opening value of $1,579.74 to $1,550.10, reflecting a loss of $29.64.


Despite the price drop, trading volume surged, with 372.11K ETH tokens changing hands. This heightened activity suggests that traders were keen to capitalize on the dip, whether through selling or buying positions.


Ethereum's struggles continued into the second day of the trading week. The price, which began at $1,567.60, faced significant resistance and slipped further. By the end of the day, ETH was priced at $1,552.34, registering a 0.77% decrease.


On October 11, Ethereum's journey through the week remained turbulent. The digital currency started the day at $1,566.88 and faced a slight setback, ending at $1,549.16. The dip was only 0.05%, but it continued to add to the overall negative trend.


The middle of the week brought little relief for Ethereum. The price opened at $1,539.70 and faced a more substantial decline, dropping to $1,523.78, marking a significant loss of 1.73%. The broader cryptocurrency market was also experiencing turbulence, with Bitcoin's price fluctuations affecting the sentiment across the market, including Ethereum.


On Thursday, Ethereum attempted a rebound on this day, starting at $1,552.17 and reaching a high of $1,574.08. The day closed at $1,538.07, with a modest gain of 0.81%.


On Friday, Ethereum's performance on this day was relatively stable. The digital currency began at $1,554.96 and ended at $1,545.32, marking a 0.18% decrease. The market seemed to consolidate, with Ethereum showing fewer fluctuations than in the previous days.


On the last day of the week, October 15, the week concluded with Ethereum experiencing a minimal 0.17% increase. The price, which started at $1,557.66, closed at $1,550.05.

Ripple (XRP)


The week began with Ripple trading at $0.50260, and it faced a significant downturn, dropping to $0.49235. This 2.88% loss was coupled with a trading volume of 442.97 million XRP. Traders and investors were left wondering if Ripple could regain its momentum in the days to come.


The slump continued into Monday, as XRP dropped further to $0.49189. A trading volume of 305.92 million XRP was recorded, signifying that the market was still uncertain about the future of Ripple.


Tuesday didn't bring much relief for Ripple. The cryptocurrency continued its downward trend, closing at $0.47950, with a trading volume of 313.41 million XRP. This represented a 1.50% loss for the day.


On Wednesday, Ripple briefly attempted a recovery, reaching a high of $0.48896 before closing at $0.47460. The day saw a trading volume of 346.56 million XRP, with a net loss of 1.23%.


Thursday showed a glimmer of hope as XRP bounced back, closing at $0.47872, with a trading volume of 319.62 million XRP. This was a 0.44% gain, a sign that Ripple might be attempting to stabilize.


The upward movement continued into Friday, as Ripple saw a slight increase in value, closing at $0.48351 with a trading volume of 119.84 million XRP. This represented a 0.29% gain.


Ripple finally ended the week on a positive note, with a closing price of $0.48510 and a trading volume of 127.24 million XRP. The coin gained 0.18%, showing signs of recovery after a tumultuous week.

Cardano (ADA)


On Monday, Cardano's opening price of $0.2513 seemed promising, but the day took an unexpected turn as the price plunged to $0.2490, losing a significant 2.01%. The trading volume on this day was exceptionally high, reaching 98.47 million ADA tokens. Investors were caught off guard as the cryptocurrency took a sharp dip.


The second day of the week didn't provide much relief for ADA holders. Opening at $0.2491, Cardano reached a high of $0.2531 but ultimately closed the day at $0.2469, down 0.87%. The trading volume remained elevated at 70.12 million ADA tokens, indicating persistent trading activity.


October 11 saw further decline for Cardano. With an opening price of $0.2480, ADA faced resistance as it approached $0.2496, finally closing at $0.2452. The trading volume was substantial at 82.69 million ADA tokens, and the cryptocurrency's value fell by 0.44%.


Cardano's fortunes didn't improve on Thursday either. Opening at $0.2460, ADA struggled to reach $0.2480 and eventually closed at $0.2429, a loss of 0.80%. The trading volume remained high, standing at 58.25 million ADA tokens.


Friday continued to be a challenging day for ADA investors. Opening at $0.2458, Cardano reached a high of $0.2497 but couldn't maintain the momentum, closing at $0.2449. The trading volume was considerable, reaching 74.58 million ADA tokens, and the cryptocurrency faced a 0.07% loss.


Despite the week's struggles, Saturday brought a glimmer of hope for Cardano. Starting at $0.2470, ADA reached a high of $0.2477 and finally closed at $0.2449, recording a modest gain of 0.46%. The trading volume on this day was 51.72 million ADA tokens.


The week ended on a slightly more positive note for ADA. Opening at $0.2473, Cardano managed to close at $0.2484, securing a 0.12% gain. The trading volume was 50.31 million ADA tokens, indicating continued investor interest in the cryptocurrency.

Solana (SOL)


The week started on a bearish note, with Solana's value falling significantly by 4.85%. The coin opened at $22.097 and closed at $21.782. The trading volume was notably high, at 4.87 million SOL, indicating significant market activity.


Solana registered a minor gain of 0.01%, closing at $22.098. The coin's price fluctuated between $21.703 and $22.459 during the day. The trading volume stood at 2.81 million SOL.


The coin's value remained relatively stable, with only a slight 0.38% drop, closing at $22.015. The trading volume for the day was 3.55 million SOL, highlighting the continued attention Solana was receiving from traders.


However, this upward momentum was short-lived, as Solana experienced a sharp decline of 3.26%, closing the day at $21.299. The trading volume increased to 3.40 million SOL, suggesting heightened trading activity.


Thursday proved to be an excellent day for Solana, with the coin's price soaring by 2.54% to reach $21.840. The trading volume was substantial, standing at 2.97 million SOL, reflecting a surge in investor interest.


The week closed on a slightly negative note, as Solana's value dipped by 0.35%, ending the day at $21.914. The trading volume remained robust at 1.82 million SOL, indicating continued interest from the crypto community. Solana bounced back with a 0.69% increase in its value, closing at $21.990. The coin's price ranged between $21.808 and $22.220 throughout the day, with a trading volume of 1.55 million SOL.



The highest point during the week was on October 13th when the coin briefly touched $22.175, and the lowest point was on October 9th when it fell to $21.782. These fluctuations emphasize the need for careful consideration and risk management in the crypto market.


The total trading volume over the week reached approximately 20.42 million SOL, indicating that the Solana coin continued to be actively traded.


The overall market sentiment remains positive for Solana, with the coin retaining strong community interest and attention from investors.

Tether (USDT)


The week has seen mixed performances in the cryptocurrency market, with Tether managing to maintain its stability. USDT, often seen as a safe haven in the volatile world of digital currencies, held its ground in the face of significant price swings.


The week started with Tether at a price of 1.0005, both in terms of its opening and closing values, showcasing remarkable consistency. The trading volume stood at 135.50 million, and the coin recorded a 0.00% change, staying firm against market uncertainties.


On the following day, USDT saw a slight dip as it opened at 1.0002, reaching a high of 1.0014 and a low of 1.0001. The trading volume was 129.68 million, with a 0.03% decrease in value.


The coin continued its stable performance with a 0.02% decline on October 11th, opening at 1.0000, hitting a high of 1.0010, and a low of 0.9998. The trading volume for the day stood at 161.58 million.


On October 12th, Tether showed its resilience once again, opening at 1.0001, with a trading volume of 166.87 million. The coin witnessed a 0.01% increase and reached a high of 1.0007, with a low of 0.9999.


October 13th marked a day of stability, as USDT remained consistent with a 0.00% change. The coin opened at 1.0000, recorded a high of 1.0010, and a low of 0.9999, with a trading volume of 111.14 million.


On October 14th, Tether displayed its characteristic stability, opening at 1.0003, reaching a high of 1.0007, and a low of 1.0000. The trading volume was 43.15 million, and the coin saw a modest 0.03% gain.


The week concluded with Tether USDT maintaining its strong position. The coin opened and closed at 1.0003, with a high of 1.0009 and a low of 1.0001. The trading volume on this day stood at 31.74 million, with a slight 0.01% decrease.

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