Introducing Europe’s Largest Green Liquid Hydrogen Plant

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This week, the MARKET VIEWS video showcases the tech and the investment opportunity driving the production of green hydrogen in the UK.

Join Peter Kristensen and Adam Hill (Co-CEOs at JPFS), Richard Winterbourne (Commercial Director at Haush) and Steve Saunders (Director at Arup, one of the world’s leading sustainability developers).

What can you expect?

This video explores how JPFS and SGT are continuing to fractionalise new investment opportunities so that everyone can participate, and no longer just the world’s richest 1%.

Richard Winterbourne from Haush will explain how a combination of proven, existing technologies are being combined in new ways to produce a sustainable supply of liquid green hydrogen to power the transport sector.

And Steve Saunders from Arup is on hand to outline the background to the project and the process of getting this project through planning permission and closer to development.


We will be producing more videos over the coming weeks on this ground-breaking clean energy project and how you can get involved.

But for now, sit back and discover how renewable green hydrogen is fuelling the future.

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The post Introducing Europe’s Largest Green Liquid Hydrogen Plant first appeared on JP Fund Services.

The post Introducing Europe’s Largest Green Liquid Hydrogen Plant appeared first on JP Fund Services.

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