Finally cannabis comes to the MetaVerse with Cannaland

While cannabis was one of the very first plants cultivated on the planet, it has spent many years being surrounded by controversy. However, expanded education programs, legalization efforts, and companies like CannaVerse Technologies have all contributed to changing the public and governmental perception of  the medical and recreational cannabis industries. CANNALAND (CannaVerse Technologies) is the world’s first cannabis metaverse, leading the advocacy efforts for marijuana and broadening  public perception and understanding of the medicinal herb as a medical and recreational alternative.


Leveraging cutting-edge technology like web 3.0, blockchain integrations, and cryptocurrency, CANNALAND is the virtual hub for cannabis enthusiasts that was once considered a thing of science fiction. Metaverse ecosystems like CANNALAND enhance physical reality without replacing it.


Both connoisseurs and the “canna-curious” can explore, shop, attend concerts, and more in CANNALAND. CANNALAND is a cannabis-themed metaverse that gathers businesses and consumers in one virtual environment. Aside from promoting only legal and safe social use of cannabis, the core goals of CANNALAND cyberspace are community building, social responsibility, and cannabis literacy. On the vanguard of all these technologies is CANNALAND, the metaverse-based cannabis region that allows for goods and services to be sold, purchased, and traded in an ultra-secure digital dwelling.


Currently hosted on web 2.0, CANNALAND’s modern tech is being bridged with the bleeding edge of web advancements. When web 3.0 does officially launch, CANNALAND’s methodical and forward-thinking infrastructure will allow for rapid adaptations to meet new standards.


While blockchain technology is definitely more complex, its fundamental facets are apparent in the term. Not every blockchain is decentralized, but each one is a shared, unalterable ledger that stores information and records transactions. The combination of a decentralized metaverse, blockchain technology, and CANNALAND-specific cryptocurrency, CNLT, puts the ecosystem in a unique position to provide unparalleled safety and reach for consumers and businesses alike.


Cryptocurrency: crypto, for short, this term describes a digital currency that can be bought, traded for goods, traded for other currencies, and sold.

When it comes to trading, buying, or selling goods and services in CANNALAND, the ecosystem-specific crypto token, CNLT, provides users with indisputable proof of ownership. So even if these new buzzwords seem complicated, the safety of interactions within this cannabis metaverse is not.  CNLT is an Ethereum-based currency that will have 600M tokens issued, initially at $.12.US


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