Premier multi-asset trading firm, SGT, is thrilled to announce new owners, a new brand and fractionalisation

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Sterling Gent Trading Ltd (SGT), a licensed and regulated broker-dealer helping private and institutional clients achieve their trading ambitions since 2006, is delighted to announce its new owners, brand, and website.

The trading firm has recently been bought by industry veterans who have mapped out proactive strategies to chart the course of the company to new heights. The changes are instant as the brand now offers fractionalized investments, multi-asset trading and the promise of more democratic access to market opportunities.


SGT possesses the qualities expected of the best trading firms, notably: years in business, capital markets experience, senior management expertise in trading, banking and fintech, strong communication ethos, and amazing customer support. The rebranded SGT ticks all these boxes and more. With this new brand, SGT is set to dominate its respective markets, revitalize underperforming assets, and insulate against competitive threats.


Speaking about the rebranding and the launch of the new website, SGT Markets COO and Co-owner Adam Hill said: “We wanted to create a brand that would appeal to people looking to take charge of their financial future with a proven, long-term partner who can give them access to trading and investing opportunities that were previously only available to the very rich and the very large but on the same conditions as these big players.”


The rebranding generated excitement and optimism among SGT’s clients and international partners right from April this year when the BVI Financial Services Commission approved the new owners of SGT. According to Co-owner and Chief Financial Officer Peter Kristensen: “we have been thrilled with the response from clients and partners to our expansion into multiple asset classes, new platforms and our unique fractionalization of investment opportunities. In short, SGT is very excited about the future of trading and investing for ‘the 99%”, while we continue to develop solutions for the 1%, we have served since 2006.


It is said that with longevity comes experience; with experience comes greater expertise. The SGT executive management team have a combined experience of more than 90 years in the global markets, a time within which they have developed enviable expertise in trading and investment. This experience and expertise is underpinned by the company’s uncompromising commitment to providing robust solutions that meet and exceed the ever-evolving needs of individual traders and investors, hedge funds, fund managers and financial institutions they work with and serve.


“Our experience and commitment to the 3 core principles of focus, integrity, and solution continue to yield high levels of confidence and trust from our clients; a trust we protect and nurture in everything we do”, said CEO Martyn Price.


In addition to these 3 core principles noted by Martyn Price, SGT’s services are predicated on the business fundamentals and core beliefs of transparency, industry knowledge, honesty, flexibility, and reliability. With this recent rebranding, SGT can proudly say they are the quintessential blend of speed and quality services, which has earned them an enviable reputation in the multi-asset trading market.


To engage with SGT, check out the new website at

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