Digital Asset Insights #09

Africa and America Dive into Blockchain

Traders, investors, and enthusiasts of the digital currency community experienced what seems to be a downer this week. The week’s highlight is the change in the price direction of Bitcoin, which was heading towards $50,000 but slipped back 5.7% over 24hours-ranging between $44,180.99 – $49,325.91 (according to CoinDesk 20), leaving traders with a bearish signal…

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Digital Assets, NFTs, DeFi and The Future of Global Economy

Join Peter Kristensen, Co-CEO of JPFS and discover what the future holds for decentralised finance, digital assets and the new world order. Blockchain is as diversified and complex as the opportunities it presents to the global economy. The frontier between the physical and the digital economy are blurred, and solutions to tokenize every aspect of…

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Digital Asset Insights #06

Google Finance Adds Digital Assets

As this week begins a new month, many changes continue to occur in the digital currency world. For one thing, the community continues to grow as more institutions and individuals keep adopting digital currencies, and its daily purchase continues to rise. The new week began with Google Finance’s initiative to add a dedicated digital currency…

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The Digital Asset Landscape February 2021

The month of February began quite like any other, save for a few eventful happenings in the digital currency/asset space. The introduction of blockchain wallet recovery services by Wallet Recovery Services, co-founded by anonymous individuals, one of whom goes by the name “Dave Bitcoin.” The service quickly gained traction with more than 60 requests for…
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