Basic Attention Token

What is the Basic Attention Token? BAT stands for “Basic Attention Token.” BAT is (first of all) a utility token and an ad exchange program integrated into the Brave web browser. It’s decentralized, open-source, and based on the Ethereum blockchain. These features make it unique. The team’s current goals working with BAT are to expand…

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Doge Coin – A User Manual

What Is Doge coin and its history? Doge coin (DOGE) is a distributed, open-source digital currency. It is viewed as an altcoin and a practically snide meme coin. Dispatched in Dec. 2013, Dogecoin has the picture of a Shiba Innu canine as its logo. While it was made apparently as a joke, Doge coin’s block…

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Digital Asset Insights #02

Dogecoin Pumps & Dumps

The digital world this week was not only eventful but also filled with a lot of surprises. Thanks to immutability, the blockchain is very secure, and given the rise in the acceptance of digital coins like bitcoin and the recently rising Ethereum, people are starting to see the potential in them. This is why a…

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The Risks and Benefits of Trading Digital Currencies

Monthly Newsletter Over the years, trading digital currencies has become more than just a hobby or a way of earning a passive income, for some it has become a lifestyle. Thanks to its volatile nature, some of these traders have benefited greatly from it. In the last year alone, while the major digital currencies have…

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Digital Asset Insights #01

BTC explodes after Musk tweets

Top cryptocurrency surges to reach a new high last seen on the 19th of January as billionaire Elon Musk changes his Twitter bio to #bitcoin. The cryptocurrency jumped 20% to the last high seen on January 19th and although the situation seems unrelated, Bitcoin which was at a surprising (-10.11%) rose to a whopping (15.7%)…

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