Sit back and let the experts trade for you.

With trademakers you can now build an investment portfolio of professionally managed strategies, at a fraction of the normal cost.

Fractionalised Investments

You can now invest on the same terms as the world's financial institutions.

With investment, your capital is at risk.


Professional Managers

Every investment program we offer is managed by professional managers regulated in one or more international jurisdictions.


You’re in Control

Your money is always under your control, not ours. trademakers has no access to the money in your trading account, and no third-party transfers from your account can be made. Ever.


Fully Regulated

trademakers is a portfolio management brand owned and operated by JPFS, a fully regulated Swiss investment firm.


Tried & Tested

Before offering a new investment strategy to our clients, we always invest our own capital first to make sure it meets our selection criteria.

Build your Portfolio

Select investments that support your goals and individual risk tolerance.

From foreign exchange programs, to digital assets, trademakers brings you a 'supermarket' of investments to choose from. To get started, open your account with our custodian partner, SGT Markets.

Invest Like a Pro

Build your own investment portfolio of professionally managed strategies.

Fractionalised investments make it possible for anyone to participate in institutional-grade investment programs which until now have only been available to the ultra-wealthy and financial institutions.

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Open an Account

Our FSC-regulated custodian broker partner, SGT Markets, provides secure custody services for funds invested in all trading strategies on trademakers.

Open an Account with SGT


Verify Account

Verify your new account at SGT online by providing proof of address and ID before making your investment selection. The verification process starts as soon as you have opened your account with SGT.


Select Investments

After completing your account verification, you will be redirected to a page where you can select the investment program(s) you wish to invest in.


Investment Agreement

Download, fill in and sign an Investment Agreement for each program you wish to invest in.


Deposit Funds

SGT will be in touch with instructions on how to make your initial deposit.


Activate Investment

When your funds have arrived, your investment account will be activated and your investments begin.

Portfolios Built by Experts


Altis Enhanced Macro

The strategy dynamically allocates both long and short exposures across futures markets in bonds, short interest rates, foreign exchange, global equity indices and commodities in an attempt to consistently...

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Best Crypto Index Fund (BCIF)

The Best Crypto Index Fund only invests in crypto Blue Chips - the TOP 18 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation, which offer better liquidity and minimised volatility.

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BMAMS uses cold hard mathematics to view the market in an alternative light. Opinion is replaced by statistics. Trading is conducted in clearly defined conditions under strict parameters...

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Cromwell FX

A systematic foreign exchange trading program, based on 22 currency pairs, traded on a 24 hour basis. The program capitalises on expertise, quantitative...

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The GAIA FX+ program is GAIA Capital Management’s flagship product. It carries an 11-year track record and trades in the most liquid global market in the world - the USD $4 trillion per day interbank spot FX market...

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Lecka Quant FX

The Lecka Quant FX strategy is a quantitative, systematic trading system developed and refined regularly over the past 15 years. The system trades the G10 currencies based on a strict quantitative analysis approach...

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Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio

Multi-Diversified FX Portfolio is a foreign exchange portfolio with allocation to currency managers, with the aim of creating alpha through individual skills-based idea-generation processes...

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TM Digital

This investment strategy seeks total returns through exposure to a diversified and risk-adjusted portfolio of digital assets. TM Digital is based on technical analysis...

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Your Protection

Our mission is to protect every investment as much as possible, while providing you with secure access to institutional-grade investment strategies and professional risk management.

Your money is always under your control. But we go further than just protecting your funds on account. In fact, we've built 5 unique protection protocols.

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With trademakers your money is in safe hands

trademakers gives you access to proven investment programs, managed by experts, and governed by our Swiss-regulated mother company JPFS. The management team at JPFS has an average of 30 years' experience in trading, investments and banking. More about us

With investment, your capital is at risk.

Where Traders Meet Investors

trademakers helps hedge funds, program managers, signal providers and introducing agents
bring professionally managed trading strategies to the private investor market.

Hedge Funds


Accelerate AUM growth with fractionalisation

Discover how our unique fractionalisation programs can help you boost AUM, increase your exposure and reduce your overheads.

Program Managers

Direct Trading

Focus on Performance. We’ll Take Care of the Rest

Unleash your potential for growth with a proven, solutions-oriented partner.

Program Managers

Signal Providers

One Signal - Multiple Revenues

With trademakers, signal providers can now provide just one signal to be executed on one account, combining all underlying clients’ accounts.

Growth Partners

IBs and RAs

Accelerate Growth

You can now bring new products and investments to your audiences quickly and efficiently, generate new revenues and grow your business with trademakers.

Sit back and let the experts trade for you.